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  • proposals
  • full-length manuscripts--nonfiction and fiction
  • memoirs
  • book "doctoring"/editing/rewrite
  • corporate communications
  • website copy
  • marketing
  • reports, plans, white papers
  • press relations
  • speeches

A writer/ghostwriter/editor/book doctor/corporate communicator who is both seasoned and innovative, Susanna Margolis has worked in numerous genres and media--fiction, nonfiction, and memoir, print and film, keynote speech and website, public relations and school curricula and advertising copy.


Her clients have included corporations, the media, government agencies, NGOs, political candidates, and above all people with an expertise to offer or a story to tell but no idea how to turn it into a book.



She is the author of two adventure travel books, co-author of a novel, and ghostwriter of more than 40 non-fiction works. Her byline has appeared in numerous national and international publications, and her ghosted articles under the bylines of others have appeared in even more.


Here's what clients say...

Susanna is a master at taking multiple ideas, integrating them into a cogent set of messages, and creating a powerful read. Thoughtful, thorough, and a terrific professional, Susanna is also a warm wonderful person whom I consider a friend. Last, but not least, she is brilliant--and fun to work with!

Janice Reals Ellig, President, Chadick & Ellig, co-author of What Every Successful Woman Knows (McGraw Hill 2001) and Driving the Career Highway (Thomas Nelson 2007)

Susanna Margolis made my first book experience easy from start to finish--enjoyable and painless. She took on a topic that she knew very little about
and finished knowing as much as I do. She was always ahead of schedule and a pleasure to deal with. I cannot describe how successful she was in putting what I thought into words. I will stop now because if I say any more you might steal her for your next book, and I want to keep her available for mine.

Robert Latkany, M.D., author of The Dry Eye Remedy: A Handbook to Restoring the Health of Your Dry Eyes (Hatherleigh Press 2007)

Susanna Margolis is so creative and capable that it is a little scary for a writer like me to deal with her because my own mistakes become so glaring. She is also "egoless" when she assists others in their creative efforts. Simply put, she is a true genius at being a professional writer.

Bill Morin, CEO of WJM Associates, Inc., co-author of What Every Successful Woman Knows (McGraw Hill 2001) and Driving the Career Highway (Thomas Nelson 2007)

I knew I had a program that could make a best-selling book, and Susanna Margolis delivered it in just the right voice and in just the right way. She expresses my thoughts almost before they are formulated in my mind, and it seems effortless on her part.

Dr. Howard Shapiro, author of the Picture-Perfect Weight Loss series of books, New York Times and bestsellers (Rodale and Penguin)

I can't recommend Susanna Margolis enough. She was a pleasure to work with every step of the way from initial ideas, interviews, finding my voice to the final editing. She is quick to do her job, has laser precision getting to the heart of the subject and is able to tell a story with suspense and emotional resonance. I can't wait to do my next book with her!

David Strah, author of Gay Dads: A Celebration of Fatherhood (Tarcher/Putnam 2003)

Susanna Margolis has an uncanny ability to express the complex, technical, and--let's face it--often dry details of finance and technology in terms that are lucid, vivid, and ultimately persuasive to the layman. Constituent, stakeholder, the general public, or targeted customer: she knows and can communicate effectively with them all.

Edith A. Hunt
Managing Director, Goldman Sachs & Co.

Susanna is a master of corporate communications. She knows business firsthand, so she understands the issues and what’s at stake. She helps you get to the heart of the matter, then crafts the message you had in your head all along but couldn’t articulate. And then she makes sure the message gets across to the people for whom it is intended. I’ve relied on her for years and plan to do so for years more.

G. Patrick McGunagle
Executive Vice President/
Chief Operating Officer
Pan-American Life Insurance Co.